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...." Rose of the North " 700 km north of Bangkok and is Thailand second largest city. Cooler and less hectic  and is famous for its history, culture and ancient temples.  It is also renowned for its diversity of local handicrafts, from  silk and cotton weaving to silverwares, wood carving and ceramics. Suggested tours such as a visit to  Phu-Ping Rajanivej, Royal Winter Palace (can visit only on Fri, Sat, Sun). Then a visit to the historic hilltop temple of Doi Suthep ( 3,500 feet above sea level) with its gardens baluster, the holy Pagoda containing a Relic of the Lord Buddha. Also a visit to Chiangmai Home Industries the famous Thai Handicrafts Village, Sankhampang, factories of silk & cotton hand weaving, Borsarng, Village of umbrella and primitive paper making. In the evening, enjoy the famous Khantoke dinner-northern style & etc.


....It is the Northernmost province  of Thailand located 785 kms. From Bangkok,  and 580 meters above sea level. Chiangrai was for a long time isolated from most of Thailand, which afforded the province its unique culture, such as the ancient town of Chiangsaen or Sob Ruang a piece of land called the " Golden Triangle ". Suggested tours such as a visit to the Akha & White Karen Hill tribes villages. Also visit Chiangsaen (the ancient capital of Lanna Kingdom), then a visit to "The Golden Triangle, where the border lines of Thailand, Myanmar and Laos meet.

Mae Hong Son

....Land of the Three Seasons Mist. It is on a northwest sleepy little town hidden deep in a valley ringed by majestic mountain-ranges and befitting of a Shangri-la. Also famous for the longneck hill tribe for real. Suggested tours such as visit the  Fish Cave & Burmese style temples, Wat Jong Kham & Wat Jong Klang which was built nearly 200 years ago by the Shan people. Then visit Wat Phra Thad Doi Kong Moo for the beautiful sunset viewing and a visit to the Tham Lod Cave with 9000 years old stalactite, a visit to Padong tribe whose women stretch  their necks  with deep collars of metal & etc.


 Recommended Perfect Tours  Packages  

Chiang Mai Mini Package   ( 3 Days/ 2 Nights )    

 It will all start in Chiangmai. Spend 3 days and 2 nights exploring Chiangmai with tour to  Phu-ping, Rajanivej Royal  Winter Palace , Doi Suthep Temple (3,500 feet above sea level) and Thai Handicrafts Village,  Sankhampaeng & Borsang  Include transfers and hotel accommodation at your selected  hotel.


Chiang Mai  & Elephant Safari  Package  ( 4 Days / 3 Nights )

 Spend 4 days and 3 nights exploring Chiangmai following the same itinerary of the aboveMini Package then include a one day tour of Elephant Safari and a trek by elephant to the mountain trails of Chiangmai. Also visit to an Elephant camp and watch the show. Include transfers and hotel accommodation at your selected hotel.

Chiang Mai & Golden Triangle    (5 Days / 4 Nights )

Summary :
Spend 5 Days and 4 Nights exploring Chiangmai and experiencing the warmth smiles and hospitality of the local people . Tours will all start in Chiangmai and tour ends  in Chiangmai following the same itinerary of the Mini Package above. Thus including a visit to the Akha & White Karen Hilltribes Villages, also proceed to Chiangsaen, the ancient capital of Lanna Kingdom. Then visit  " The Golden Triangle " where the border lines of Thailand, Myanmar and Laos. Include transfers and  hotel accommodation at your selected hotel.

Mae Hong Son    ( 2 Days 1 Night )

Spend 2 days and 1 night enjoying the beauty of Mae Hong Son with a visit to the Wat Pha That  Doi Kong Moo on a hilltop overlooking Mae Hong Son for fine panoramic views.Then drive to Wat Phra Non and down to the twin Temples of Wat Jong Klang and Wat Jong KamThe temple are built in the Burmese style. Then drive north  to a pleasant park and walk under trees to the sacred fish cave where we feed blue carp up to 1 meter long in the cool water beside a sacred shrine to a hermit. Next day, a drive to a landing stage on Pai River where take a boat ride on board a motor downstream to Padaung Village ("Longneck") Karen hill-tribesmen, refugees from the fighting in their homeland of Myanmar. Return by boat, and drive back to the hotel. Include transfers and hotel accommodation at your selected hotel.

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